About Us

Great music happens when it brings musicians together—this is what we want to achieve at Kwaver. At its core Kwaver is a music collaboration app for iPhone thought and built by a group of marketers, designers, engineers and musicians.

The Team

  • Dscf9195

    Brendan Borg

    Co-founder & CEO

    Brendan is passionate about how technology can change the music songwriting process. He’s responsible for the smooth running of Kwaver and innovating features you see on Kwaver.

  • Clint  Tabone 2

    Clint Tabone

    Co-founder & CDO

    Clint keeps an eye (and ear) on the design and experience side of Kwaver. He also assists Brendan and Jimmy in reaching a wider audience of users. 

  • James

    James Zammit

    Co-founder & CTO

    James turns chords into code. He oversees the technical side of things and makes sure the app doesn’t miss a beat.

  • Jimmy

    Jimmy Bartolo

    Music Community Evangelist

    Jimmy is Kwaver’s voice for our community of musicians. He juggles between fretboard and keyboard and is the one reaching out to our users whether to improve our app or for a quick jam.