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by Clint Tabone 09 Mar 2017

The last time we brought you similar news was when we introduced our new discovery screen. That discovery screen has now reached its maturity and is now a fully beefed up version.

Since that last update we have personally reached out to some of our most active users to hear their opinions, pains and pleasures. We received valuable feedback and Kwaver’s new version is partly thanks to this strong community of musicians.

So what’s the big deal? You ask. To start off—and possibly the most noticeable change—we have a total redesign of the app. Literally every screen has been redesigned with new fonts, colours and icons. Kwaver feels younger and more fun to play with.

More recording time

When we spoke to our users, the most requested feature was that they wanted additional time to record. Basically 15 seconds wasn’t enough, and that was great news to us. Well, even better news is that now users can record up to full 60 seconds. You asked, we listened.

Now that you are allowed to record for up to 60 seconds, you should also be able to record for less than 60 seconds. Meet our new trimming tool. It lets you pick where you want your track to start and end.   


Filters, filters, filters. Filters are the new glam rock make up and we are adding filters for both audio and video. So we will not just make you sound better, but also look better. The audio filters will include delay, reverb and a preset EQ. The video filters? You just have to see those!

Upload from camera roll

We know that some of you out there love editing your videos with your own cameras and mics. Our new upload from camera roll feature does just that. You’ll be able to upload your own carefully crafted clips into our wall of sounds and still be a part of the Kwaver community. Your brand is safe with us.

New profile screen

The new profile screen says more about you. Our community asked us to give them more information about each user. You can now add a short bio of yourself, links to your personal website, Facebook, Soundcloud, everything-cloud. You can also share your location or country and flag. Isn’t it cool to know that you’re collaborating with someone from the future? Well not exactly but they could be 6 hours ahead of you.

Are you tempted to try it?

Send us your email address on [email protected] and we will send you an early beta version to try out.

Clint Tabone

Clint keeps an eye (and ear) on the design and experience side of Kwaver. He also assists Brendan and Jimmy in reaching a wider audience of users.

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