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Kwaver brings collaborations closer

by Jimmy Bartolo 16 Nov 2016

The most exciting thing about Kwaver is seeing collaborations happen between musicians who are on opposite sides of the world and somehow manage to communicate through music. This gives meaning to our efforts every day and is what keeps us going.

So recently we asked ourselves “How can we make this work better? How can we introduce more musicians?” The new discovery screen is our answer. This is an addition to our currently available search screen. The discovery screen is a collection of possibilities and ways of finding new musicians, cool tracks waiting for a jam and more. Have a look below.

Jam Roulette

Feeling adventurous? Get a random track. We all know that even the most the creative artists out there hit a wall every so often when it comes to discovering fresh ideas. Jam roulette is designed to knock down that wall and give you a stream of ideas, new and old from other profiles for you to jam to. Simply tap the Jam Roulette icon and see what comes up. You’ll be surprised how many musicians out there need your sound.


This board is Kwaver’s very own wall of fame. Every user has the opportunity to be added to our leaderboard making it easier for other users to discover your profile and listen to your creations. The leaderboard takes into account the number of tracks a musician submits, number of collaborations, the number of plays received as well as the number of likes. Then we put this in a blender on speed 10 and decide who gets on top. Easy.

Do you want a hint? Keep jamming.


Nothing makes us happier than having the opportunity to reward our users with prizes that they can use towards perfecting their art. Here, Kwaver will collaborate with other music brands and companies to bring all kinds of contests and prizes to the table that anybody anywhere can participate in.

Hot Hits

Being up to date with what’s popular is important to artistic growth whether we like to admit it or not. Hot Hits gives us the chance to listen to the latest trending sounds and collaborations that most of our users seem to be digging at that time.

Recent Jams

Another way of keeping up to date with the latest uploads on Kwaver is to scroll down to our recent jams department on the discover screen. Every track that is made will appear in chronological order waiting for you to have a listen.

Search by Instrument & Genre

Want to add your skills to a guitar track? What about trying a jam with a beatboxer? Whether you want to make music with musicians of your favorite genre or get out of your comfort zone with different kinds of creatives, our search tab now allows you to find the content you’re looking for based on instruments and musical styles.

Kwaver 2

We hope that these new features will help bring out the confidence of those intimidated music makers whose nerves get in the way of their talent and creativity. If there are two things we're aware of, it's that great music can come from anywhere and that great things can happen when you collaborate.

Put on those headphones and start jamming!

Jimmy Bartolo

Jimmy is Kwaver’s Music Community Evangalist. He juggles between fretboard and keyboard and is the one reaching out to our users whether to improve our app or for a quick jam.

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