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Kwaver on Android?

Why we don’t have an Android version yet and how you can still try it out.

by Brendan Borg 01 Jul 2016

Why are we not on Android yet?

Developing an app that involves video requires developing a unique experience for each platform (Android and iOS). During the first stages of Kwaver, our aim is to learn what our community wants and what works as quick as possible. Trying to apply all that learning across two platforms—especially a more challenging one that is Android—is time and cost prohibitive. This means that we had to make a choice and pick one platform—for now.

How you can still use Kwaver?

We obviously still want you to be part of our community and this is how you can do it.

  1. iPad - You can still use the app on an iPad. 
  2. Rich Friends - Text your rich friends, buy them a Dr. Pepper and convince them to use their iPhone.
  3. Apple stores worldwide - Go to an Apple Store, download Kwaver and drop your beats in store. Make sure you capture all the awkward looks while you’re doing that vibrato.
  4. Make Apple Pay For It - Apple have a 14 day no-questions-asked policy. You can "try" the iPhone and return it within this period, getting a full refund. I took this drastic step when I urgently needed a phone last year. Works like a charm. Of course don’t say that you read this on our website, don’t ruin it for everyone else.

Brendan Borg

Brendan is passionate about how technology can change the music songwriting process. He’s responsible for the smooth running of Kwaver and innovating features you see on Kwaver.

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