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Product Updates

New Kwaver is Here

Version 2.0 introducing more features including video filters

by Clint Tabone 15 May 2017

When we started Kwaver, we promised ourselves that we would change the way music is created. We wanted to remove all barriers, and make music open for all. We believe that anyone can become a musician and until Kwaver is around, that will be our goal. Today, we get a step closer.

The new Kwaver app has introduced some features which we have mentioned in a previous update and others which you have probably never thought of.

New Interface

Let’s start with the design. Once you download the app you will immediately notice a huge improvement. Actually, you should be able to notice the change right at the app store, but let’s assume you didn’t.

The decision for a redesign came after we were thinking of where we want to take Kwaver next. After much thought and discussions we decided that the design should reflect this new vision for Kwaver but should also put our musicians at the core of the design changes and this is why we personally reached out to our community of musicians and asked them for feedback. The new design feels younger and more approachable and the overall experience has improved from the way music is added to how collaborations look.

More recording time

This has been the most requested feature by our community and we just couldn’t say no. Instead of limiting your recording time to just 15 seconds, you can now upgrade to 30, 45 or 60 seconds.

Upload from Camera Roll  

Yes! This is finally here. So if you have been thinking of using your fancy equipment at home or studio to record polished sounds, this is your chance. Which brings us to the next feature.


If you’re uploading from your camera roll this will come in handy. Don’t limit yourself to just 15 seconds—record your track as you normally would then see which parts work best for a Kwaver upload.


Surely we needed to find a way to know which are the hottest musicians on Kwaver. The leaderboard is a smart way of knowing where you stand compared to other musicians. It also helps find new hot musicians and see who’s at the top of their Kwaver game. Each musician will be given a score depending on their interactions with Kwaver and are ranked accordingly. We will be taking every interaction into account and the more music you compose and the better the music, the higher you rank. Simple.

Video Filters

The biggest feature in Kwaver 2.0 is video filters. Now you don’t have to worry about bad lighting in your room, we got that covered. Choose from 9 different filters such as Starboy, Motown, Sunset Sound, Trident and more.

Have you downloaded the latest version? Do you have any comments or feedback? Send an email to [email protected] and let us know.

Clint Tabone

Clint keeps an eye (and ear) on the design and experience side of Kwaver. He also assists Brendan and Jimmy in reaching a wider audience of users.

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