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by Jimmy Bartolo 09 Dec 2016

Oh how the times change. Music equipment seems to be getting smaller with the competition providing it as vast as the oceans and seas that cover our humble planet. The urge to try new fresh ideas as a use of inspiration is always present and today’s mobile applications have made it possible for anyone to make music anywhere. 

The big question however is, what could a musician actually use and benefit from? As we said, there are countless apps, but what could inspire and aid in the productivity of the creative process?

Here’s 8 innovative user friendly applications that do just that. And the best part is, you won’t be spending more than $10! You’re welcome.



I’ve tried many studio apps and used them to an extent. It may have its limitations in the mixing field but for some reason I always seem to go back to this one. Let’s not forget, if you’re making music on your iPhone/iPad/iWhatever then it’s gotta be easy to use and stress free. 

Leave all that mixing and eqing BS to your favorite studio software on your laptop after you export it. The plug-ins are fantastic and the UX just makes you wanna spend more time with it. Still number 1 in my book.

Available on: iPad, iPhone, Mac


Countless rhythmic patterns and harmonic combinations at the command of your fingertips. Tap, swipe, drag sporadically or do it all at once. PlayGround is a factory of lush Jazz harmonies to Dub influenced beats and every session is more than capable of supplying your musical hunger with exciting new soundscapes that will most definitely keep those fingers busy. 

PlayGround’s catalog of interactive songs are produced by great artists and targeted towards the general public. Who says experienced musicians should have all the fun?

Available on: iPhone


iReal Pro

Wanna practice soloing to a D minor 7th altered chord? Apart from the many songs that are available to use as a backing track, one of the great features is that this app allows the user to create his/her own score of chords to be played back in any selected tempo or genre. iReal pro is also a fantastic way to improve your sight reading and musical harmony no matter what your instrument.

Available on: iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac


Electro Harmonix Mini Synth

I’ve been a fan of Electro Harmonix for a while now so when they announced that their most popular synth pedal was going to be available to use as an app, I was obviously one of the first to tap that purchase icon. 

If you are looking for an affordable and incredibly easy to use analog sounding synthesizer that you can take on the road, then the EHX mini synth is worthy of your attention. 

Available on: iPhone & Android



Create hooks and sounds with anyone anywhere. Simply upload your clip which allows other users to engage with your creation and in turn, contribute to other musicians. Wanna add a bassline to a beatboxer? Kwaver offers endless collaboration opportunities and with such a variety, there’s no telling what you can come up with. Don’t hate, collaborate.

Available on: iPhone


Pro Metronome

It’s only the most important tool for practicing other than your instrument. Although there are many of these on the market, Pro Metronome is both high end quality and visually pleasing. I mean, you’ll be spending hours of practice hours on it so it might as well look good. 

Download for free to use its basic functions or upgrade for a mere $2.99 to take your studies to the next level of time signatures and other geeky stuff.

Available on: iPhone


iMaschine 2

Native Instruments have established themselves as the number 1 software creators for all things instrument related. From modern synthesizers to organic ethnic samples it’s no surprise that such a brand would also release a downloadable app.

iMaschine 2 carries with it the ingenuity that has made Native Instruments famous within the music community by creating an incredible beat making device that is both high end and simplistic. 

Available on: iPad & iPhone



Open up a project, tap on the preset grids to unleash the sounds and mix in whatever way pleases you. The best part is that its phenomenal time keeping function make it impossible to miss a beat making it the easiest app to mix a wall of sound while you jam on your instrument. 

My favorite addition though is definitely the feature to upload your own sounds to use in the same manner mentioned previously thus making Launchpad an incredible tool for songwriting and experimenting with your music. 

Available on: iPad & iPhone

Jimmy Bartolo

Jimmy is Kwaver’s Music Community Evangalist. He juggles between fretboard and keyboard and is the one reaching out to our users whether to improve our app or for a quick jam.

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