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by Jimmy Bartolo 02 Oct 2016

Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Blind worms, pious swine (Album)

With a body of work that extends beyond the average full time musician, Omar Rodriguez Lopez takes the term workaholic to whole new level.

Most of you 90’s folk will remember Omar from the Post-Punk outfit At The Drive In but it was at the start of millennium he sky rocketed into work overload. Not only as a songwriter, but producer, director and screenplay writer became and still is are common traits in Rodriguez’s everyday work ethic.

Blind Worms, Pious Swine is only one 12 releases that Rodriguez Lopez plans on putting out this year. Released on a bi-weekly basis, this incredible Zappa like venture is one that’ll definitely be kept on my watch for a while.

The weeknd - Starboy (Single)

I absolutely can’t get enough of this track! Daft Punk's latest collaboration shows us that the dynamic French duo have no plans in slowing down since the release of their universally acclaimed Random Access Memories.

Taking a more Electro R&B approach with the classic TD-808 bass drum and Abel’s hard to forget falsetto vocal lines, this dark sounding single is instantly becoming a modern classic. And for good reason.

Oh and listen to it with headphones, you won’t be disappointed.

Damien Fleau - Travel Music (Album)

The title couldn’t be more appropriate with this one!

French musician and composer Damien Fleau gives us a perfect example of music that draws inspiration from every corner of the globe yet keeping a structure where all kinds of music lovers can find common ground. So far my favorite track has to be the collaborative soothing piece She's Waiting For featuring Isabel Sörling

With different strings of instrumentation present ranging from piano, voice, guitar to ukulele sounding passages, Travel Music is one of those gems that one can easily refer to as their own personal soundtrack.

Paul Kalkbrenner (Artist)

Kwaver’s backstage engineer Geoffrey knows his electronica! Just like you’d go to Nashville for Country or New Orleans for R&B, we all know that if you love electronic music then Germany is It’s home and bloodline.

Berlin based Paul Kalkbrenner is not only world renowned for his production and success in the charts but also for the fact that he breaks down his tracks to be reassembled live onstage, making him a live act as opposed to a DJ.

He is also known for portraying Ickarus in the movie Berlin Calling.

Willy DeVille - Victory Mixture (Album)

If you read musicians biographies then chances are you’ll come across the voice and influences of Willy DeVille.

During his 35 career he has collaborated with countless names in the music industry from Mark Knopfler to Dr John. Bob Dylan had even suggested that DeVille’s voice and presentation should have gotten him into the rock’n roll hall of fame by now.

With a body of work that is too long to mention in one post, it is the sounds of Victory Mixture which I find comfort in this week.

Recorded with no overdubs, Willy DeVille covers the soul classics of his idols making it a rootsy must have for any R&B enthusiast.

Metallica - Moth into flame (Single)

Metallica are back and this time the fans aren’t pissed off!

Now I have to make it clear that even though I applaud the sounds and direction of Load and St Anger, listening to this brings back that classic trash sound that many of their hardcore fans thought would never return.

But boy has it never sounded sweeter. It may not be as raw a Kill em all but there’s a new attitude, energy and overall execution that will certainly speak for itself.

Motion picture soundtrack from Lord Of The Rings

Who could ever forget the epic soundtrack that is Lord Of The Rings. With those classic Celtic sounding melodies and complex orchestral arrangements, composer Howard Shore truly is musical force to be reckoned with.

Performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and the London Oratory School Schola, Kwaver’s sofware engineer James has now made us all want to put on our favorite pair of tights and re learn the elvish alphabet.

Antonello Venditti - Che Fantastica storia e la vita (Single)

Brendan brings to the table that classic Italian pop sound that so many of us in Mediterranean Europe would listen to on our favorite Italian television shows before the massive cable take over.

Structured in a storyteller like fashion with synth pads and U2 inspired guitar work, Antonello Venditti tells the tale of a younger version of himself who was pushed to become a doctor but instead chose to write a song that would alter his destiny. And that’s just the first verse!

Gramatik (Artist)

American-Slovenian Hip-hop and Electronic producer Gramatik is one those modern artists that has been positively affected from the internet boom of the millennium.

Having his career sky rocket from uploading his music on Beatport It’s no surprise that Denis Jasarevic has been vocal about how digital piracy has benefited his career. Sorry Bono.

With singles, EP’s and studio albums under his belt ranging from Downtempo, Chill Hop and Dubstep to Electronica, It’s safe to say that every release from this cat, past or present is an exciting task for a listener’s to do list.

His new album Epigram is a clever concoction of guitars, dub sounds, R&B vocal choruses and Mcing with collaborations from the likes of Adrian Lau, ProbCause, Raekwon among many others.

Merci beaucoup Geoffrey!

Jimmy Bartolo

Jimmy is Kwaver’s Music Community Evangalist. He juggles between fretboard and keyboard and is the one reaching out to our users whether to improve our app or for a quick jam.

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