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You're probably spending way too much time using pen & paper, or maybe a couple of calendars, to handle most of the features we cover.


Efficient Employee Scheduling

Streamline your workforce management with our intuitive scheduling feature. Assign shifts, manage availability, and keep your team organized effortlessly. Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and hello to smooth operations.

Visual Attendance

Visual Attendance Tracking

Keep a clear overview of attendance with our visual attendance feature. Easily track employee hours, monitor attendance trends, and generate insightful reports. Say goodbye to manual tracking and hello to effortless attendance management.

Daily Feed

Stay Updated in Real-Time

Keep your finger on the pulse of your organization with our Daily Feed feature. Get real-time updates on important events, announcements, and changes, ensuring everyone stays informed and connected.

Vacation Bids

Streamlined Vacation Requests & Bids

Simplify vacation planning for your team with our Vacation Bids feature. Allow employees to submit vacation requests, track approvals, and ensure smooth scheduling without the headache.

Shift Bids

Efficient Shift Allocation

Optimize shift allocation and empower your employees with our Shift Bids feature. Allow team members to bid on preferred shifts, enhancing flexibility and satisfaction while maintaining operational efficiency.

On-call Bids

Seamless On-Call Management

Ensure round-the-clock coverage with our On-call Bids feature. Enable employees to bid on on-call shifts, ensuring availability and responsiveness when needed most.

Group Food Orders

Convenient Group Ordering

Simplify meal planning for your team with Group Food Orders. Coordinate group orders efficiently, streamline delivery logistics, and foster camaraderie through shared meals.

Sizing Surveys

Let Your Team Decide!

Empower your employees to vote on preferred items and sizes with our intuitive sizing surveys. Ensure everyone gets what they need, just the way they like it!


Engage Your Team with Feedback

Foster communication and collaboration with Polls. Create surveys and polls to gather feedback, gauge employee satisfaction, and make informed decisions to drive continuous improvement.

Simple pricing, for everyone.

All our plans are designed to include all of Kwaver's features, guaranteeing transparency without any unexpected costs.


Good for small companies.

$5 Per User Per Month

  • Every feature you need
  • No user limit
  • Unlimited branches
  • Email & in-app support, with...
  • 72-hour response time
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Good for mid-to-large companies.

$200 Per Branch Per Month

  • Every feature we offer
  • No branch limit
  • Unlimited users per branch
  • Email & in-app support, with...
  • 48-hour response time
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Good for larger companies.

$2,500 Per Company Per Month

  • Every feature we offer
  • Maximum 5,000 employees
  • $0.10 per employee over 5,000
  • Email, in-app & in-person support, with...
  • 24-hour response time
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All non-profit organizations enjoy complimentary access to Kwaver, while educational, healthcare facilities and law enforcement agencies benefit from exclusive discounted rates.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • What is Kwaver?

      Kwaver originated from a need for efficient daily operations. We realized we were spending excessive time on tasks like managing vacations, organizing events, and handling group orders. To streamline these processes, we developed Kwaver, aiming to enhance both personal and team management efficiency.

    • How can I get Kwaver?

      Email us at sales@kwaver.com and we will get you set up.

    • Can I try Kwaver before I buy it?

      Absolutely, just email us and we will get you set up with a free trial.

    • What types of polls and votes can be conducted on your platform?

      You can create various polls and votes, including preference polls for scheduling meetings, opinion polls for gathering feedback and votes for making decisions on various matters within the organization.

    • How can I schedule shifts for employees using your platform?

      Our platform offers a user-friendly interface where you can easily create and manage employee schedules. Simply log in to your account, access the scheduling tool, and input the shifts according to your company's requirements.

    • Are there social aspects integrated into the platform, such as birthdays and anniversaries?

      Absolutely! Our platform includes features to celebrate employee milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries. You can set up notifications to remind team members of these special occasions and foster a positive work culture.

    • Can employees request vacation time through your website?

      Yes, employees can submit vacation requests through our platform. They can specify the dates they wish to take off, and managers can review and approve these requests directly within the system.

    • How can sizing charts for uniforms be compiled using your platform?

      Our platform provides tools for compiling sizing charts for uniforms based on employee measurements and preferences. This ensures that uniforms are ordered in the correct sizes for each individual.

    • Can your software accommodate both union and non-union organizations?

      Yes, our software is designed to cater to the needs of both unionized and non-unionized organizations. Whether your workplace operates under collective bargaining agreements or follows different employment structures, our software offers the flexibility and functionality to streamline processes and enhance efficiency across various organizational setups.

    • Can employees balance their shifts, vacation bids, and shift bids on your platform?

      Yes, our platform includes features for employees to monitor their shift schedules, vacation bids, and shift bids. They can view upcoming shifts, track vacation days, and participate in shift bidding processes as needed.